Woo Product Feed

>>> How to use Woo Product Feed For Marketing Channels >>>

First you need to install two plugins Woocommerce and Woo Product Feed For Marketing Channels 

Product submission process by Woo Product Feed For Marketing Channels 

From your WordPress website

Requirements: Client ID, Client Secret Code, Google Merchant Account ID

Go to https://console.developers.google.com/apis/ then create a new project if you don’t have any project. See the below screenshot

Step 1: After clicking “NEW PROJECT”

Step 2: After creating the new project

Step 3: You have to “Enable API” Called “Content API for Shopping”  See the picture

Step 4: Click the Enable button

Step 5: Click Credentials 

Step 6: Click and configure consent screen

Step 7: Create OAuth consent screen

Step 8: Give your application name and scroll down and then click “save” button

Step 9: Click to create credentials 

Step 10: Select Web Application from the select options

Step 11: Create OAuth client ID

Step 12: Copy both ID and paste it plugin setting page below the screenshot

=> Note: Save the client ID and Client Secret

Now you need google merchant account ID

Go to https://www.google.com/retail/get-started/?product=merchant-center

=> Copy google merchant account id and paste on plugin setting page

Note: All done and save

=> Now you can add product to google merchant account

That’s it! Enjoy !!

Need more help? Watch out full detailed video guide

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