Get Started

Install the plugin then go to WordPress dashboard → HRM DASHBOARD.

Dashboard OverView

  • Calendar
  • View number of Employees
  • View number of Department
  • View number of Designation
  • Latest Announcement

Managing Employees

Allows you to manage your employees, view all employee profiles, also add new or change status as an admin or as a user with permission. This doc demonstrates the INNOVS HRM Overview page to manage your employees.

  • How To Add A New Employee?

Click Employee button from the menu bar -> Add New

  • Update or Edit and Delete Employee Info


You can easily create new department, update or edit, Delete Department for Employee and assign Employee under the Department.

  • How to Add A New Department?

Click Department button from the menu bar -> Add New

  • How to Edit or Update and Delete Department?


You can easily create new designation, update or edit, Delete Designation for Employee and assign Employee under the Designation.

  • How to Add A New Designation?

  • How to Assign Designation on Employee?

Go to  add new or edit employee -> Click on “Show Advanced Fields”

See the image then you can easily understand

Leave Management


Create leave Policy, Create and Assign Leave Entitlement, Get Leave Request from employee, Create holiday for employee, Add Location for employee

  • How To See Leave Requests From the Employees ?

If employees submit request for leave then admin can see all leave Requests, Approve or Decline Requests.

Note: *Only active employees can send leave request

  • How To Send Leave Request (Employee)?

Atfirst login into employee profile 

  • Leave Entitlement

Assign Leave Entitlement for employee

  • Add holiday for Employee

Admin can create holiday for the employee and employee see all holidays from their own profile dashboard calendar


Only admin can give attendance manually on employee and update, view attendance month, year wise. 

  • Add new attendance
  • View attendance


  • Update attendance


innovs hrm attendance update



Only admin can setting as requirement