Elements CSS Addons For Elementor

Right now, there are two ways to use this plugin. But using the Frontend “Editing within Elementor Editor” is recommended.

=> How to make sticky


See the below image


After doing then 

=> How to change map background-color


See the below image


=> How to make the sticky section


See the below image

=> How to make the image in text design


Step 1: add a new section from the Elementor page builder


=> How to make form label center


1st add a form

Create Sticky Header

–> Sticky Header ON / OFF (Default Off)

–> Select sticky type ->

Type One- Scroll Up                     

Type Two- Scroll Down                 

–> Font color Select Color

Select Font color according your needs.

–> Background color 

Select Background color according your needs.

–> Header Height

Set a height for the Header.

Custom Image Link to Image Carousel Widget (6 images*)

Create Sticky Inner Section (Make any inner section STICKY!)

Change Goolge Maps Widget Background color

Center alignment of Elementor Form Label and Placeholder

Image within Texts (Background image within texts)


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