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How to Use

Plugin Name- Product estimate and quote

=> Features of Product & estimate and quote

  • Create estimate & quote
  • Edit estimate & quote
  • Delete estimate & quote
  • View estimate list
  • View quote list
  • Setting from admin panel
  • Export as PDF & CSV file
  • Clone estimate 
  • Convert to cart
  • Send to email

=> How to use product estimate & quote plugin in WordPress?

Download this plugin from After activating the plugin auto-create 5 pages

  • Product estimate
  • Product estimate edit
  • Product estimate list
  • Product estimate quote
  • Estimate sign up 

=> How to create a product estimate?

Go to product estimate page and create an estimate

=> How to add product in the estimate?

After creating an estimate then you will see all products on the left sidebar and then click to add button. Please see the below image

=> How to add a custom quote price with the estimate?

Please see below the image

=> How to clone, export, convert to cart, email estimate list?

Please see below image

=> How to see the estimate list from the admin panel?

=> How to see the quote list from the admin panel?

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